Success Stories

Patty lost 47 pounds in 9 weeks!

"I am currently 47 lbs lighter than when I started Slender Life on May 5th. I am completely blown away on how this weight loss program worked for me. The program was easy to follow and didn’t disrupt your routine or daily life. There were coaches, recipes and guides to help you through the entire program. It has changed the way I feel. Before I started Slender life, I frequently had stomach aches and pains and acid reflux every night.

Between the changes in diet and drops I am no longer feeling horrible all the time. It has changed the way I look. I lost inches in areas that I wanted to lose them in, like my waist and stomach. Many times when you talk to people on diets you don’t notice significant changes.I am fitting in clothes sizes that I can’t even remember fitting in, it’s been so long. My self image has changed dramatically, not hiding in my clothes that I chose to wear, choosing things that are more form fitting.I can’t believe that it worked for me, but I’m so happy it did."

Patty new

Clarice lost 17 lbs in 6 weeks!

"I signed on with my family, hoping to cleanse my body of the "bad foods and toxins" I was eating (wheat, sugar, bad fats and alcohol), reset my metabolism and hopefully lose 10 lbs.

While I was in the first phase, I lost a couple pounds each week and rarely felt hungry. In the Maintenance Phase I continued to eat healthy and noticed that my hair was healthier and nails seemed stronger/thicker -- I think the supplements were truly helping me.

Before starting Lifestyle Phase, I had lost 17 lbs and felt my best ever! My blood pressure and cholesterol dropped. But the biggest surprise was when I went for an eye exam because I could no longer see with my glasses. My vision improved by 20% — unheard of at my age, according to my eye doctor!

The nutritional education during this food program is super helpful. Now, I'm able to stay within 2-3 lbs of my lowest weight while being able to eat the foods I enjoy periodically, but know how my body will react and what I need to do to maintain. I highly recommend the Slender Life food's life-changing."

Clarice O.


Phil lost 27 pounds in 6 weeks!

"I lost 27 lbs. and 21 inches in 6 weeks— never feeling hungry! After the Slender Life Food Program (in lifestyle), I continued losing while consuming 1500-1800 calories/day and my blood pressure and cholesterol decreased.  2 months later I’m down 32 lbs. and off of my cholesterol medicine! I’m never going back to being overweight and unhealthy. So thankful I was able to achieve this."

Phil O
East Aurora, NY


Nick lost 45lbs in 9 weeks!

"My nephrologist and cardiologist have been suggesting for the past decade that I really need to lose weight or they will have to increase my blood pressure and cholesterol medication and other complications could occur if I didn’t. I figured it was time for me to do something because I just didn’t feel as well as I used to.

A friend of mine suggested that I try the Slender Life Metabolic Weight Loss Program and that I should get my wife to do it with me. He said doing it as a couple would greatly increase our chance of success since we would be driving toward the same goal and supporting each other along the way. However; I was concerned with using the metabolic drops with all the medications I take. I showed the ingredients list (and explained how the program works) to my specialists and primary doctors. They confirmed that it would be safe for me to do. After 8 weeks I lost 45 lbs. My high blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels decreased so my dosages had to be adjusted. My ankles stopped retaining fluid and my doctors were extremely impressed with my bloodwork results. The best part is that I look and feel healthier than I have in many years. My wife, Jeannine, lost 39 lbs. and became a weight loss coach to help other people change their lives the way we changed ours. It was easy and you get the support you need by having someone coach you. You never feel like you’re doing it alone and that’s how I succeeded."

-Nick F.


Jeannine lost 46lbs in 9 weeks!

"I recently made a decision that was long overdue, in my life. In the past, I spent so much time, effort and money trying diets that were ineffective or the results didn’t last. Then, a friend introduced me and my husband, Nick, to the Slender Life Metabolic Weight Loss Program. Not only did we learn how to reset our metabolism, which got out of line over the years, but we learned better eating habits. Now we are able to maintain a healthy weight AND enjoy ourselves, in moderation, at parties and special events.

If you are ready to make a change that will greatly improve your health and how you feel about yourself, take that first step and contact us at Slender Life Metabolic Weight Loss; the doctor’s choice for rapid, healthy weight loss. That’s right, I said “us” because after having such great success with the program, I wanted to help others do the same thing so I became a weight loss coach. I want to help people like you take it off and keep it off. I lost 39 lbs. and my husband, Nick, lost 45 lbs. Like I said, if you are ready to take charge of your health and how you feel about yourself, you should just call for a free consultation. It’s covered by most Health Savings Accounts. The only thing you have to lose is the weight!! Call now for an appointment, 913-1569."

-Jeannine F.



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